Fall 2023

Animal Battles

Set of 8 titles

It's an all-out brawl between some of nature's top predators in this high-interest series! Venture deep into the rain forest and to the bottom of the ocean to learn about some of the world's fiercest fighters. Readers will find out about the weapons each animal has, from sharp teeth to super senses, and the moves that finish enemies off. In each title, an action-packed narrative scene imagines a fight between the animals, while profiles offering statistics and charts make comparisons between the competitors. Reluctant readers will love their front-row seats to action with this series!

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Animal Battles (8 titles) NEW
American Alligator vs. Wild Boar NEW
Arctic Fox vs. Snowy Owl NEW
Burmese Python vs. Sun Bear NEW
Crocodile Monitor vs. Southern Cassowary NEW
Dung Beetle vs. Tarantula Hawk NEW
Harpy Eagle vs. Ocelot NEW
Ostrich vs. Cheetah NEW
Tiger Shark vs. Leopard Seal NEW
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Interest Level Grade 3 - Grade 7
Reading Level Grade 3
Dewey Number 595.76-598.9
Lexile 530L-690L
ATOS Reading Level
Guided Reading Level P
Language English
Publisher Bellwether Media
Format Reinforced book
Copyright 2024
Number of Pages 24
Dimensions 6.5 x 9
Graphics Full-color photographs

Booklist Review of Animal Battles

The popular Animal Battles series continues to grow with these provoking new pairings. Based on animals’ abilities to punch the same class rather than a likelihood of their actually fighting each other in the wild, the theoretical battles are inarguably entertaining. Each volume’s four short chapters (“The Competitors,” “Secret Weapons,” “Attack Moves,” and “Ready, Fight!”) are packed with photos, infographics, facts, and stats, ideal for reluctant readers and visual learners. Quick profiles of the featured animals open the proceedings, with general information about the creatures conveyed on individual spreads as well as on a page of infographics for each that relates their size, weight, habitat, and range. Their deadly physical features and abilities are similarly presented, and a fictional encounter in which the two go head-to-head brings each book to a close. Big cats face off in Asiatic Lion vs. Bengal Tiger, in which readers will learn eye-opening facts about the large claws and incisors of these fierce felines. In Badger vs. Bobcat, these North American mammals bring bravado and stealth to the floor for a ferocious face-off. Mantis Shrimp vs. Lionfish takes readers below the sea, where the mantis shrimp punches fast enough to boil the surrounding water and the lionfish sports venomous spines. A nighttime rumble goes down in Skunk vs. Raccoon, pitting stink against sharp teeth. A fun, engaging series.

SLJ Review of Animal Battles

From insects to fish to reptiles, “Animal Battles” envisions what would happen if two predators went head to head. Before the battle, an overview is provided of the competitors, including their physical characteristics, “secret weapon” adaptations and features, and common attack moves. Graphs and charts bring the animals to life with important information like their size, habitat, range, and speed. Fun facts about these formidable opponents are sprinkled throughout, and the books include a notable amount of animal facts on top of the high-action concept. The end of each book features a short fight scene imagining the brawl, though this could be expanded upon for maximum impact. The page layouts, which include bold, colorful graphics and full-page photographs of the animals, emphasize the exciting subject matter. This will entice both upper-elementary audiences and striving readers at the middle school level. VERDICT Written at a third grade reading level, this series winningly combines a fun, high-octane concept with readable text and in-depth information.