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Cover: Biology Basics: Need to Know

Biology Basics: Need to Know - Booklist

These titles in the Biology Basics series (6 titles) explore important concepts about biology and the interrelationships of plants, animals, climates, and habitats. Each book will draw in readers with vibrant photos, engaging fact boxes, and compelling infographics that further… View →

Cover: National Park Adventures

National Park Adventures - Booklist

The National Parks Adventures series (8 titles) offers readers a welcome escape into some of the most stunning locales in the U.S. Each book is comprised of five short chapters, laid out with colorful text blocks and one to two photos per spread that show off the natural beauty of these… View →

Cover: Animals at Risk

Animals at Risk - Booklist

Some of the world’s most vulnerable species are exhibited for youngreaders in the Animals at Risk series. Each title introduces the endangered animal, how many species exist and where they live, howendangered they are, what’s threatening their survival, and straightforward ways to help… View →

Cover: Mythology Matchups

Mythology Matchups - Booklist

These breezy volumes in the Mythology Matchups series pit twosimilar deities from different ancient religions against each other to seewho comes out on top. Each title opens with a dramatic scene in whichits featured gods or goddesses arrive before moving into four chaptersthat typically View →

Cover: Coping

Coping - Booklist

These offerings in the Coping series serve as replacements for Rosen’s 2017 series on helping young adults deal with various physical, mental, and societal challenges. All titles offer balanced information and supply facts, statistics, and case studies to present straightforward… View →

Cover: Sleep-Deprived Nation: Why Sleep Matters

Sleep-Deprived Nation: Why Sleep Matters - Booklist

This well-researched book explains what sleep is and that it’s important for everyone, especially teenagers, who are the “most sleep-deprived group of any individuals the world has ever seen,” according to psychotherapists and sleep specialists Heather Turgeon and Julie Wright. The book… View →

Cover: Rebel Girls Climate Warriors: 25 Tales of Women Who Protect the Earth

Rebel Girls Climate Warriors - Childrens Literature

Black Rabbit Books provides another installment to their popular Rebel Girls series. This volume, with a forward from Cristina Mittermeier, photographer and co-founder of SeaLegacy and Only One conservation groups, focuses on women and girls trying to save the planet. Organized… View →

Cover: Manga Drawing with DC

Manga Drawing with DC - School Library Journal

Illustrated in manga style, each title in this series instructs readers on how to draw characters from the DC universe. Starting with a table of contents and introduction, each title includes a supply list as well as a brief history of the character being drawn. Characters receive a… View →

Cover: That's Scary!

That's Scary! - School Library Journal

Each topic in this fascinating, fast-paced series has sure-fire reading and visual appeal and is guaranteed to keep kids turning pages. Volumes are brief, with three to five chapters, and only two or three sentences per page, but the books’ brevity easily establishes a sense of creepy… View →

Cover: Norse Mythology

Norse Mythology - School Libary Journal

Each title in this set includes three brief chapters about major heroes. The writing is simple and conversational. Strivers will appreciate the series, though some tales are overly complicated, feature too many characters, and include personal or place names that may be difficult to… View →

Cover: Living Through American History

Living Through American History - School Library Journal

Major turning points in American history are presented through descriptive text and abundant images within these titles. Captions for the illustrations add more details, as do sidebars on topics like Japanese internment camps or a recipe for Civil War hardtack. Each narrative wraps up… View →

Cover: Kitchen to Career

Kitchen to Career - School Library Journal

This series explores how readers can transform their passion for cooking into a fulfilling profession. Each book delves into the historical background, methodologies, safety standards, daily working conditions, lifestyles, and common practices within different aspects of culinary-related View →