Fall 2023

Supersonic Phonics Complete Set

Set of 166 titles

Supersonic Phonics begins with the very basics of phonetically decodable reading. Starting with the earliest step of CVC words (consonant, vowel, consonant) and building on this combination slowly, the reader follows a prescribed format supported by the science of reading to encourage reading development. This systematic and sequential approach supports most phonics programs.

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Supersonic Phonics Complete Set (166 titles) NEW
First Day & Soccer Surprise NEW
Knight Game & The Dino Book NEW
Lazy Dog & Panic at the Beach NEW
My Little Friend & Growing On Me NEW
Pizza Mouse & The Shopping List NEW
Please Choose Me & A Good Deed NEW
Surprise! & Ballet School NEW
The Rainy Day & The Red Team NEW
The Thief & The Dentist NEW
Ben Can Run & Sam Is Fun NEW
I Am Big & The Map NEW
I Can Pat & Mom Sat, Dad Sat NEW
In the Pit & Pop, Pop, Pop! NEW
It Is A… & Big Fin and Kid Ben NEW
Pig Man & Tin Dog NEW
Ron in the Mud & Ted and the Duck NEW
The Mop & Dad at the Top NEW
The Tub of Bugs & A Big Kid NEW
Tick Tock! & I Can Spot It NEW
A Town Made of Sweets NEW 4.4
Dai the Spy NEW 4.2
Great Things NEW 3.5
I Really Do Have a Dragon! NEW 2.8
Parina and the Purple Giant NEW 3.3
Power of the Grannies NEW 3.7
The Magic Button NEW 3.0
The Pine Pig NEW 3.2
When Ozzy Ocelot Forgot NEW 3.2
You've Got to Be Calmer, Llama! NEW 3.7
Billy Swift Goes to Space School & Bears on the Brain NEW 4.2
My Brother Is a Zombie! NEW 3.3
Nathan Chase in Thunder Chase NEW 4.0
Norman Normal: Day of the Gnomes NEW 4.5
The Cake That Wasn't a Cake NEW 3.8
The Human under My Bed & King for the Day NEW 4.0
The Mysterious Key NEW 3.7
The Shed NEW 3.4
This Story Has Gone Wrong NEW
Tiger Eyes NEW 3.4
Bed Bugs & Bad Hen NEW
Ben's Bag & Hal Is Big NEW 0.6
Can Bill Sell It? & Len in the Hot Sun NEW
Dip and Bop & Can Kim Fit? NEW 1.2
Ella and the Imp & Tap, Tap, Tap NEW 1.1
Get the Hat & Dad Has a Nap NEW 0.8
In the Cot & Tim and Bill NEW 0.8
Kim the Boss & Less and Less NEW
No, Rin! & Bedtime NEW 1.7
Pop It in the Sack & Go, Ken, Go! NEW
POP! & Mom Has a Ban NEW 1.4
Rick's Gum & The Red Pot NEW
Sam and Dot & A Troll and a Doll NEW 1.0
The Big Fan & Get Off! NEW
The Jazz Sax & Yum, Yum! NEW 0.8
The Picnic & Rick Gets It NEW 0.6
A Quail in Jail & The Rain Is a Pain NEW
Bonza the Monster & Sing! Sing! Sing! NEW 1.0
Dad Gets Fit & Jobs on a Jet NEW
Fang & Quick! Run! NEW
Gangsta Goat & The Big Moo NEW 1.4
I Am Izza & Chuck Is on a Quest NEW 1.4
Let's See Jen & Pat Is Fed Up NEW 1.1
Max's Fez & Is Willa Bad? NEW 1.2
Mom Is Sick & Zap, Zap, Zap! NEW 1.0
No Nap for Zack & Zack Gets Zapped NEW
Queen Gail Waits & Wait! NEW 0.8
The Checkup & The Fish and Chip Shop NEW
The Goat and the Coat & Joan and the Big Sail NEW 0.9
The King and the Ship & The Quiz NEW 1.2
Thing Will Sing & King Biff and the Gong NEW
Toad on the Road & Zoom to the Moon NEW
Baboon on the Moon NEW 2.3
Lorna Starts Classes NEW 2.0
Orla and Midnight Wing NEW 1.5
Ow, Oi! NEW 3.3
The Land in the Jar NEW 1.5
The Lurking Turnips NEW 2.1
The Not-So-Fun Fair NEW 2.3
The Trolls in the Forest NEW 2.4
The Wait for the Monster NEW 1.6
The Zorbs' Ears NEW
A Holiday Gift NEW
A Spot to Haunt NEW
A Toy for a Boy NEW
Abigail Toenail and the Clipper of Doom! NEW
Burt and His Bag of Dirt NEW
Do Not Feed the Cow Sprouts NEW
Helena the Fighter NEW
Lights in the Snow NEW
Montague and the Missing Statues NEW
No Time for Bed NEW
Not-So-New Mathew NEW
Odd Gardeners NEW
Prawns at Dawn NEW
Stuck at Home with Jokes Malone NEW
The Alphabet Is Missing NEW
The Big Chew NEW
The Bot in Bede NEW
The Cat's Whiskers NEW
The Flute of . . . NEW
The Fox and the Hen NEW
The No-Kids Club NEW
The Wishing Starship NEW
A Stew for the Crew NEW 2.2
I Am So Lost NEW 2.1
I Quit! NEW 2.4
Mom's Tum NEW 2.2
Ray Round and the Cloud Hunters NEW 2.7
The Buzz Box NEW 2.2
The Food-Fest NEW 2.5
The Night of the Elephants NEW 2.6
The Queen's Coat NEW 2.3
Thump, Bump, and Ping-Pong NEW 2.6
My Turkey Is Blue NEW 3.0
Sammy the Silly Hot Dog NEW 2.5
Surfing Summer NEW 2.9
That's Not True! NEW 2.6
The Elf with Ear Hair NEW 3.1
The Enchanted Cornet NEW 2.7
The Monster Cookbook NEW 3.3
The Parts of the Pure Stone NEW 3.4
The Perfect Gown NEW 3.2
You Cannot Play with Us, Pete! NEW 2.8
Maud and the Big Witch Meet NEW 3.9
The Big Outdoor Adventure NEW 3.0
The Big Sleep NEW 3.4
The Great Pie Lie NEW 3.0
The Magic Pea NEW 2.9
The Pirates of Oyster Bay NEW 3.1
The Secret Cow Club NEW 2.8
The Time Finders NEW 3.0
Whitney's Birthday Party NEW 3.0
A Message in Mashed Potato NEW 3.3
Boring Rick and the Junk Factory Mystery NEW
Chloe's Adventure to Merlantis NEW 3.2
Good Morning, Monster Town NEW 3.2
Have You Seen This Hamster? NEW
Over the Rainbow NEW 2.9
Sir Squash NEW
The Cat That Grew and Grew NEW
The Dame of Faketown NEW 2.7
The Fixer NEW 2.9
The Fridge Is Being Rude NEW 2.8
The Little Painter NEW 3.8
The Smell That Wasn't Funny NEW 2.6
The Tale Jail NEW
The Thief Hunt NEW
Top of the Mountain NEW 2.9
Treasure in the Toilet NEW 2.9
A Trogen Surprise NEW
Bawdy McPea's Circus of Fleas NEW 3.4
Chameleon Kid and the Shock: Lunch Is Served NEW 4.1
Dad's Dancing Decorators NEW
First Kid on Mars NEW 3.8
Flynn's Fantastic Flight NEW 3.3
Professor Molebody's Potato Panic NEW 4.0
Riley Rye, Private Eye NEW 3.2
Sally Comet and the Space Pirates NEW 4.2
Stringstorm NEW
The Bee Who Couldn't Fly NEW 3.4
The Day the Wishing Well Went Dry NEW
The Knight Who Couldn't See Where He Was Going NEW
The Scarecrows of Crowhill NEW
We Didn't Mean to Go on a Voyage! NEW 3.0
Whatever. NEW 3.7
Bang! Bang! Boom! & New Shoes NEW
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Interest Level Kindergarten - Grade 4
Reading Level
Dewey Number 428.6
Lexile 40L-780L
ATOS Reading Level 0.6-4.5
Guided Reading Level C-Q
Language English
Publisher Bearport Publishing
Format Reinforced book
Copyright 2023
Number of Pages
Dimensions 6.5 x 9
Graphics Full-color illustrations