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Cover: Awesome Amphibians

Amazing Animal Classes

The new Blastoff! Missions imprint is designed to make learning an adventure through its use of engaging narrative text. This entry in the Amazing Animal Classes series (6 titles) takes a look at amphibians and invites readers on a world tour to meet a variety of these creatures. Vibrant View →

Cover: Black Americans of Distinction

Black Americans of Distinction

BOOKLIST: Each volume in the Black Americans of Distinction series profiles five notable African Americans who have succeeded in a specific area. The books feature introductions that situate their topics within history and Black culture while also outlining… View →

Cover: How COVID-19 Changed the World

How COVID-19 Changed the World

MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW – "Synopsis: COVID-19 in all its various mutations has affected nearly every aspect of life—ranging from short- and long-term health problems to how… View →

Cover: India


MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW – "Synopsis: Japanese culture is fascinating to many people in the West, and Cultures of the World: Japan is an exciting guide by Debbie Nevins that gives young readers fresh… View →

Cover: Stand Against

Stand Against

SLJ: Young activists looking for a cause will find plenty of useful information and helpful tips in this series. Each title examines an issue by breaking it down into easily understandable subjects. For example, everyone will say they are against animal cruelty… View →

Cover: Mythology Matchups

Mythology Matchups

SLJ: This exciting series will appeal to mythology fans and those who fancy the idea of superheroes duking it out—figuratively. Its clever premise stimulates critical thinking and sparks conversations and debates. Students must read the lively, fact-packed,… View →

Cover: Facing Your Fears

Facing Your Fears

SLJ: Things that make children’s hearts race with that tinge of heightened anxiety are explained in detail for a younger audience. There is a normalization without any shame for the specific fears addressed and then they are dispelled in a way that does not… View →

Cover: Gearhead Guides

Gearhead Guides

SLJ: Bright, exciting photos and engaging text shine in this standout series. Surrounded by plenty of white space, the text of each book focuses on modifications that may be necessary to enhance the comfort and/or performance of the different kinds of racing… View →

Cover: Space Exploration

Space Exlporation

SLJ: Marketed as hi-lo books for teen readers, this series delivers a sizable serving of information with an unwelcome side helping of conjecture. Each starts with a bulleted “At a Glance” list, providing an outline for readers that goes deeper than a… View →

Cover: Amazing Military Machines

Amazing Military Machines

SLJ: Employing simple and straightforward prose, the author succinctly describes the various equipment used by the military. Readers learn interesting facts such as the F-16 fighter jet flies 1300 miles per hour, TALON robots disable… View →

Cover: Sports Illustrated Kids: Mascot Mania!

Sports Illustrated Kids: Mascot Mania!

SLJ: Players come and go, but mascots (usually) stay the same. Fans who spend their lives rooting for the same team know this to be true and it’s part of what makes mascots such a big part of fandom. The books in this series feature a handpicked list of some of… View →

Cover: Sports Illustrated Kids: Traditions and Superstitions

Sports Illustrated Kids: Traditions and Superstitions

SLJ: This series is proof positive that it’s only a weird superstition if it doesn’t work! While all sports are built on tradition, perhaps some of the most serious superstitions are in baseball and hockey. From in-game “rules” like avoiding pitchers during a… View →