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Grade 7

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Fall 2023 Science & Technology

A Look at Weather

Weather is something the affects us every day--what we wear, where we go, and even whether we can go to school! From clouds to tornadoes, weather phenomena are both vital and fascinating to… More →

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Military & Wars

America Goes to War

Throughout the history of the United States, wars and conflicts have helped to define the course of events for better or for worse. The nation was born in conflict (through the American… More →

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Ancient Marine Life

Explore the waters of the ancient world in this hi-lo series for reluctant readers! Readers will discover giant turtles, enormous sharks, and more through engaging text and colorful… More →

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Fall 2023 Animals

Animal Battles

It's an all-out brawl between some of nature's top predators in this high-interest series! Venture deep into the rain forest and to the bottom of the ocean to learn about some of the world's… More →

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Fall 2023 Animals

Animal World

Hi-Lo YA nonfiction. Animal World introduces readers to the extremes of the animal kingdom. Readers will learn about the biggest, deadliest, fastest, smartest, and weirdest animals in the… More →

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Fall 2023 Legends & Myths

Are They Real?

Hi-Lo YA nonfiction. Are They Real? explores modern-day myths, legends, and paranormal phenomena. The series examines each phenomenon's history, evidence of its potential existence, and its… More →

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Back of the Net

Back of the Net centers around the intertwined lives of the players on the Mt. Pleasant High varsity soccer team. What happens on the field often reflects the ups and downs and drama of daily More →

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Fall 2023 History

Behind the Brand

Even the world's most popular brands had to start somewhere! This series introduces readers to the history of some of the most recognizable brands in the world. Engaging, fact-filled text… More →

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Fall 2023 Sports & Recreation

Big Sports Brands

Major brands have evolved alongside sports over the past century. Some companies have changed the way athletes train and compete. Others have revolutionized the way fans watch and interact… More →

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