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Careers in the Military

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Young people can gain valuable skills, experience, and discipline in the military. They can also train for a wide array of careers, many of which will enable a seamless transition to civilian life. Each volume profiles six specific jobs in various career fields including medicine, skilled trades, and intelligence and cybersecurity. What the jobs entail, required education and training, and employment prospects in the civilian world are discussed along with insights from service personnel.

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Careers in the Military (5 titles) NEW
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Interest Level Grade 6 - Grade 12
Reading Level Grade 6
Dewey Number 355-616
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Language English
Publisher ReferencePoint Press
Format Reinforced book
ISBN 822084
Copyright 2023
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Careers in the Military

SLJ: Tweens and teens considering ­careers in the military will find these volumes helpful in their decision-making process. Each volume explains the various jobs available along with requirements including basic education, skills, and personality. Working conditions are presented as well as personal accounts by those doing the jobs. Readers learn that logistic specialists ensure personnel have what they need, civil engineer ­officers maintain structures, electricians must not be colorblind, and air traffic controllers must be able to absorb information and remain calm. Because the holders of these jobs are in the military, they are still required to complete basic training and be prepared for relocation anywhere in the world including combat zones. These books provide balanced information about the positive and negative aspects of such careers Also, many of the people in these positions provide first-hand accounts of their jobs and how they achieve satisfaction from them despite long, irregular hours and the military discipline. Readers will also find how the military occupations translate into good paying civilian jobs and what the current outlook on those jobs is. Though only a handful of the several jobs are highlighted, readers will glean enough information to determine if a military career is a good fit. VERDICT Informative and factual, these volumes will complement career sections in public and school libraries.